Closeout Details

Shop Closing

With much sadness, effective July 31st, I will be closing Pretty in Purple. This decision was not easy and due to a number of factors, part of which include my mental health and the constant social media requirement, it’s been too difficult for me to handle with my family life. My two younger kids, June and Nadia, have been homeschooled by me for the last 2 years, all while trying to keep up with the business. Both have proven to be full time jobs. With the business, it doesn’t allow me the time needed for my kids education, let alone time as a family when factoring in my husband’s schedule. To better myself, along with my mental health, I have been placing my focus on my family and my spiritual journey. Starting my own business was an amazing accomplishment that I’m proud of and I’m extremely grateful for all of you and your support from the start and through the closing! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

~ Ryan
Farewell Schedule:
*All orders will be final sale from here on out. If you see something you’ve been wanting, I’d suggest buying ASAP.
*Random flash sales will be occurring in this Facebook group through 7/31/2021.
*Please print out any order’s placed that you may need for warranty purposes from the "My Account" page, as the website will no longer be accessible after 7/31/2021.

*6/1/2021 - 6/15/2021

  • The shop will be 25% off with the code SPREADJOY25
  • All Purple Points must be cashed in by 6/15/2021
  • Purple Points will no longer be accumulated for purchases after 6/15/2021
  • Shipping to Canada will end 6/15/2021. Only domestic orders after 6/15/2021

*6/16/2021 - 6/30/2021

  • The shop will be 35% off with the code SPREADJOY35
  • All cashed in Purple Points must be used by 6/30/2021. All other discount codes will be disabled on 6/30/2021.
  • Free shipping ends 6/30/2021. Shipping will be flat fee of $4.50 starting 7/1/2021.
  • Last day to use Sezzle as payment plan will be 6/30/2021. Klarna can be used as a payment plan option.

*7/1/2021 - 7/15/2021

  • The shop will be 45% off with the code SPREADJOY45
  • Shipping will be $4.50 through 7/15/2021
  • After 7/15/2021 shipping will be calculated at the exact rate given by USPS / UPS.

*7/16/2021 - 7/31/2021
The shop will be 60% off with the code SPREADJOY60
  • This is the final discount and the shop will close 7/31/2021.
  • Shipping will be calculated at the rate given by USPS / UPS based on your location and order weight/size.

*Any remaining cloth diaper & baby merchandise we have after 7/31/2021 will be donated to to Red White & Babies ( All other products will be donated to a local homeless shelter.
*Please print out any order’s you may need for warranty purposes as the website will no longer be accessible after 7/31/2021. I will be unable to access any orders after 8/15/2021.
*Once the last order has shipped on 8/1/2021, the website will no longer be accessible.
*Our phone number & email will become unavailable on 8/15/2021.
*Dates and shipping are subject to change based on inventory.