BALM! Baby Natural Baby Butter

  • $12.95

Butter UP your little Butter Cup with this non-greasy, all over body Baby Butter!  Made from nurturing oils from Hawaii and healing butters that will keep that soft skin it's softest! We add an herbal infusion to help relieve boo-boos and dry skin due to mean things like eczema. GET ALOHA'd with BALM! Baby! 


  • Organic and Natural, Made in the USA
  • Whipped to Perfection!
  • Non-Greasy, Satin Feel!
  • Helps relieve boo-boos and dry, itchy skin
  • Smells so good you'll want to eat it!
  • Formulated for sensitive skin!
  • Vegan and Cruelty FREE (Leaping Bunny Certified)
  • Main ingredients come from a local Big Island Organic Farm!
  • Comes in GLASS (We don't compromise when it comes to our ecosystem or customer's health!)

(Pretty Much, da BALM! Baby)

ALL ORGANIC & NATURAL Ingredients: Raw cocoa & shea butter, olive oil, virgin coconut & macadamia nut oil, calendula, chickweed, comfrey, gmo free cornstarch, vitamin e-T50 & pure ALOHA! If you choose a scented formula, ingredients will include a blend of essential oils.

*This product is heat-sensitive and we assume no responsibility for damage due to temperature.