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ELEVATED Liquid Castile Soap 8 oz. (with pump)

  • $11.95

Blended with Macadamia Nut and Coconut Oils, this lush, tropical liquid soap will not only clean your entire body, but leave your skin nourished! But bodies are not the only thing this soap cleans! Like our entire line of soaps, it is ALL Purpose. Use it on virtually anything. Here are our Faves:

ALL PURPOSE CASTILE SOAP: Use on hands, bodies, babies, pets, hair, dishes, laundry, shaving, and MORE!

Stored in glass, made in the USA using Hawaiian oils and original artwork on label done by a local Hawaiian artist! 


  • Organic and Natural, Hand Made in the USA
  • 8oz Attractive Boston Round Glass bottle with metal cap
  • 100% Plastic FREE!
  • Great to refill ceramic/glass hand soap containers!
  • Vegan / GMO FREE / Cruelty FREE (Leaping Bunny Certified)

Directions: USE On anyone and anything that needs cleaning; from baby to Grandpa, laundry to floors.

Ingredients: Virgin, raw, macadamia nut oil, virgin, organic coconut oil, distilled water, borax*, pure, therapeutic grade essential oil (specific oil depends on scent.  For example, peppermint will have peppermint EO in it)

*There is a lot of scare and misunderstanding around borax This is mostly due to the fact that it CAN be harmful, but that is in its pure form, and in larger amounts than what we use.  The borax is minimal in our soap ingredients (very low %).  Additionally, it is washed off.  So, it is very unlikely someone would have any reaction; unless there was a rare sensitivity to it (in 10 years we have never heard of any issues with our soap). 

Laundry Detergents that contain borax would have much more chance of exposure/risk, due to the amount in the soap and the fact that clothes would then be worn afterwards.  But even then, due to the rinsing of wash and the minimal amount, it may not be a concern to most (although certain people with sensitivities, and newborns, etc.  we advise doing extra research and make informed decisions, as there MAY be a risk...the research isn't totally conclusive).

Most soaps (not natural) don’t use borax, instead, they use detergents and other known harmful ingredients.  We don’t use any in natural ingredients, and do our research to ensure safe amounts with any natural ingredients that may pose a risk (we understand that "natural" doesn't necessarily = safe).  That is why borax is used in our soap, it is natural, and in the small amount we use, is considered safe (per our extensive research).

Two of us in our family have Uber sensitive skin; so bad that if we use any soap that is not natural (e.g. at a public restroom) we immediately break out.  We have to carry our liquid soaps around because of it. 

All that said, there are some people that may be sensitive, so it comes down to your decision.  

*We advise adding our soap to another dispenser, and add water, that way it will last longer (:  You will also be diluting it even further to where the borax is barely present (: