Geffen Baby Fleece Prefold

  • $17.80

Geffen Baby Fleece Prefold 4 layers of ultra soft, knitted 60% hemp, 40% organic cotton fleece, sold individually. The prefolds are an excellent heavy wetter & night time diapering option, that can also be layered with absorbers for more absorbency. Just fold and place in a cover or pocket diaper. Made in the USA 

Size dimensions & absorbency* 

XS: (Orange) 12.5”x13.5” before washing, 10.25”x11.25”” after washing, absorbs approximately 9-10 ounces – Use in XS/S diapers & on newborn babies

S: (Green) 14.5”x16” before washing, 12.25”x13.5” after washing, absorbs approximately 13-14 ounces – Use in small diapers & on infants

M/L: (Lavender) 16”x18.5” before washing, 13.75”x15.25” after washing, absorbs approximately 16-17 ounces – Use in M/L diapers and on crawlers/walkers

XL: ( Navy) 18”x21.5” before washing, 16”x18.25”” after washing, absorbs approximately 23-24 ounces – Use in XL/toddler diapers, or folded for smaller babies

 *All shrinkage and absorbency estimates are approximate and vary based on fabric batch.

Hemp will gain absorbency through up to 8-10 washes. Our hemp products do not contain any synthetic material, so they will not have a "stay-dry" wicking effect like polyester fleece.

*If you are looking for a particular size/style, please contact us and we can try to custom order it for you.