Tea Drops Unsweetened Organic BOOST Tea Sprinkles (caffeinated)

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Tea Sprinkles are unsweetened, organic blends of nutrient herbs and teas that fuel your body and mind. From getting your hustle on to winding down to chill, Tea Sprinkles support you day and night. Ditch the tea bag! Sediment is normal and we encourage you to consume it (that's where the good stuff is). The time it takes for sediment to fall to the bottom of your cup is the time it takes to steep! 

BOOST Tea Sprinkles ™
Look at that to-do list! Don’t worry, we have a feeling you’re gonna crush it! This powerhouse blend of organic matcha, ginger, and lemon will have you in that Hustle and Flow mode. You got this!

Tea Notes: Spicy, Citrus/Lemon, Vegetal/leafy

Matcha enhances mood, aids in concentration, and boosts metabolism. Ginger aids digestion and reduces nausea. Lemon enhances Vitamin C and boosts immunity.

12 Tea Sprinkle Sachets per box